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When Did You First Think of Yourself as a Man/Woman?

April 4, 2012


Today I read a blog post mocking so-called “period parties,” which are menstruation-themed events to celebrate the transition from girlhood to womanhood (see the ‘menarche’ party pack in the top right?). I actually used to think period parties were an awesome idea. Until I heard a few stories (I live on Salt Spring, remember?) about […]

If ain’t Love, it ain’t True

March 21, 2012


This has got to be my favourite post from The Light Tree, a community of healers in Victoria, BC Here are some excerpts from “Believing Our Thoughts” (emphasis mine): Taking responsibility for every thought we think, every belief we hold sacred, is the first step to freedom. The crucial thing is to remember that we […]

How Women Will Save the World (re-blog)

March 10, 2012


(Re-posted by popular request!) Q: Why is being a woman so hard? A: Everything in this world has its challenges. In our lives, those challenges run very deeply. Q: What are the particular challenges that women face today? A: In your society, most women are incredibly confused about the gifts and service they can and […]

6 Myths You Believe About Feminism

March 6, 2012


Q: What are the most important (but often lost) messages of feminism today? A:  The core messages of feminism are lost in the barrage of myths and misunderstanding about the movement. Let’s go through some of the basic myths that you have bought into – to one degree or another – that obscure the insights […]

Egolessness vs. Self-esteem

February 4, 2012


Q:What is the difference between egolessness and developing a healthy self-esteem? I feel like I’m trying to do both and I suspect they’re incompatible. …And there are some feelings of guilt around that, to the tune of: Shouldn’t I be getting over my ego, not boosting it or even trying to make it a ‘good’ […]