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An Apology to Our Brothers

April 21, 2012


Hellena Post-Creatrix writes a beautiful and honest ‘note to menfolk,’ from the heart of a once self-described radical feminist and enemy-of-men who has come to deeply appreciate how much men get an equally short stick (maybe shorter) in our western world, and how much we need to be allies to come to true health in […]

The Gifts of Masculine and Feminine Loving

March 13, 2012


I don’t agree with Deida 100%, but his teachings are sooo helpful, simple and poetic. This part also alludes to Deida’s three stages of intimate relationship: Dependance, 50/50, and Intimate Communion. The Gifts of Masculine and Feminine Loving  from “Intimate Communion: Awakening Your Sexual Essence” by David Deida “Through practice, a man grows stage by […]

3 Stages of Romantic Relationships

March 13, 2012


Q: What is the deal with polarized relationships? Does being polarized mean adopting traditional gender roles? A: Gender roles are based on culture, and cultural norms vary greatly over time and space. But the poles of sexuality – the feminine and the masculine – are abstract and all pervasive; they are the most elemental forces […]

How Women Will Save the World (re-blog)

March 10, 2012


(Re-posted by popular request!) Q: Why is being a woman so hard? A: Everything in this world has its challenges. In our lives, those challenges run very deeply. Q: What are the particular challenges that women face today? A: In your society, most women are incredibly confused about the gifts and service they can and […]

6 Myths You Believe About Feminism

March 6, 2012


Q: What are the most important (but often lost) messages of feminism today? A:  The core messages of feminism are lost in the barrage of myths and misunderstanding about the movement. Let’s go through some of the basic myths that you have bought into – to one degree or another – that obscure the insights […]