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A Course of Love – The Way of the Heart

April 18, 2012


My copy just got in yesterday and I’m eager to share. The entire text of A Course of Love is available online but this stunningly beautiful foreword from the second edition has not yet been posted. (Foreword from the Second Edition of “A Course of Love“) A Course of Love is an invitation to “share […]

Why am I Still Here?

March 31, 2012


So after kind of bashing the legitimacy of spiritual seeking online, I’m still here and planning to write about spiritual topics. And Myers-Briggs. But why? Why bother? Why does anyone blog? 1) Because I do viscerally feel connected with people online.  My feelings about blogging – my blogs and other people’s – are real to […]

4 Reasons You Won’t Find Enlightenment Online

March 28, 2012


I recently  watched Ethan Nichtern’s  talk called  “The Internet Is Not Your Teacher.”  which explains why, if you are seeking spirituality on the internet, your meanderings are doomed to superficiality. I’ve summarized 4 reasons, drawing mostly from his talk (thanks to Buddhist Geeks for including a transcript!). 1. Wisdom is Cheap First-off, Nichtern discusses the […]

The Gift of Being Wrong

March 23, 2012


Every since I watched Kathryn Schulz’s brilliant TED talk on being wrong, I’ve wanted to post something here about the incredible pleasure that can arise from being wrong. Here’s my opinion in a nutshell: Being wrong is one of the most liberating experiences. I actually adapted a lesson from A Course in Miracles about being […]

Peace vs. Complacency

March 23, 2012


Q: Do we need conflict to exist? A: Our identity as we know it is actually based in conflict. On the most basic level, we know what we are by exclusion, by defining what we are not. So existence in the fundamentally egoic sense is based on the notion of separation. Q: Can’t you have […]

Divine Authority – the real deal

February 10, 2012


Q: What is the spiritual meaning of authority? A: Authority is a strange thing. In this world authority is confused with dominance. It is fought for and requires protection. It can be both given and stolen away, often violently, or eroded away over time. This worldly hierarchical dominance-based authority is not natural. Q: What? A: […]

Egolessness vs. Self-esteem

February 4, 2012


Q:What is the difference between egolessness and developing a healthy self-esteem? I feel like I’m trying to do both and I suspect they’re incompatible. …And there are some feelings of guilt around that, to the tune of: Shouldn’t I be getting over my ego, not boosting it or even trying to make it a ‘good’ […]