May this blog be consecrated to the greatest highest good of all beings.

May all entries and comments be received with the highest intentions.

May this blog benefit all beings

– we are all ONE CHOSEN FAMILY, and we all have a part to play.

About me

Most of these blog entries come out of a journal I write in my home on Salt Spring Island, BC (Canada), where I live with my husband, son, and some chickens and ducks. I have three jobs (classic Salt Spring scenario), all of which I run from my home office HQ. I have a background in Biology and when my kid(s) are a bit older, I’d like to become a midwife.

What do you believe?

I have sampled from the modern spiritual smorgasbord including both liberal and Evangelical Christianity (I listen to a lot of Christian Top 40 – love it) and years raised in the Unitarian Church of Calgary (I recently joined the Unitarian Fellowship of Salt Spring Island). When I was a teenager I wanted to be a witch but I didn’t really do anything about it, I just read about it online.

Practicing at the Victoria Zen Centre really cracked me open for the first time (I love the ritual and black robes of the zen practice!). I also have been to Plum Village, and received adharma name in the Thich Nhat Hanh lineage from a fabulous teacher named Eileen Kiera. I tried Goenka’s Vipassana for 10 days only once, but think it is great and would recommend it to anyone who wants to jump start their meditation practice.


When I traveled to India with my husband and good friend, I studied for a month with Agama Yoga (especially with Kushru and Mihaiela) and in the same trip accepted a mantra from Amma (who I consider my ‘official’ living guru).  I still enjoy chanting at the Salt Spring Yoga Centre whenever I can go (rare since the little one is usually in tow).  I also have a deep appreciation for the First Nations Church in BC and join sweat-lodges when I can.


The most influential teacher of my life has been Julia Day, a craniosacral therapist in Victoria, BC. She first introduced my husband and me to A Course in Miracles.

There is some irony here because my journey effectively started with Christianity, took me around the world, and brought me back to Jesus again.

However, if you know anything about the ‘Christianity’ of the Course, you will know that it is radically different from traditional Christianity. It is actually quite perfect, because I have been able to reclaim the language that once scarred me (you know, coming home crying at the age of 8 because I thought my parents and friends were going to hell). It was been liberating, to say the least.

What is A Course in Miracles?

It is an absolutely brilliant teaching that emphasizes forgiveness and holy relationships on the spiritual path.

It is a Pure Non Dual teaching, which means that duality (the world as we know it) doesn’t exist. We are effectively dreaming up the universe, all the while we are truly safe at home in oneness

(or, in the Christian/Course language, in Heaven).

It may sound a bit crazy, but honestly the Course has provided the only metaphysical framework that explains my experience in life.

If you want to learn more about the Course, please start with Gary Renard’s Disappearance of the Universe or Alex Marchand’s The Universe is a Dream. Also note

that Eckhart Tolle frequently quotes A Course in Miracles, and apparently has a whole video series about on ACIM.

And no, I don’t subscribe generally to the Marianne Williamson or Wayne Dyer interpretations of the Course. I often get the sense that they have moved too far away from the basic metaphysics of the Course and are too concerned with how to apply its wisdoms to improve life. There’s nothing wrong with improving life, manifesting good things, expressing our perfection, and yada yada but somehow the part where none of it is real gets lost.

I know A Course in Miracles isn’t for everyone, and I certainly write about a lot of stuff that isn’t directly ACIM-related. Yet there is no conflict in my mind. For me, the Course proves the guiding principles or the lens through which I interpret all other spiritual teachings.

What’s up with the Q&A?

I started journaling in this Q&A format summer 2009 and loved it. No matter how stumped I was by the question, when I made no attempt to intellectualize, predict, or otherwise meddle with the answer, something of higher wisdom and value always seemed to be written through me. And it was always reassuring, loving, and supportive.

In late January I decided to set aside one of my journals for Q&A sessions I could later post on a blog. Et voilà!

I’m really inspired by how quickly and how widely messages pass through the internet, especially with the social media of today. I believe this reflects the inherent connectedness that was always there. I believe that our thoughts and words are felt directly not just by the people around us, but as elements that are reflected in every seemingly separated piece of this immense holographic web of existence.

If you enjoyed (or got triggered by) this website, please pass on the link!

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  1. Hey Sam, great to see you spreading your light into the world. Undoing the ego is the most important work we can do, other than resting in our true nature as much as possible….Love ya, Melanie

  2. I’m excited I found you and am “following” you! I admire how spiritually open you seem to be.

    • Thanks! It has been a journey alright. So glad to find a spiritual ‘home’ in something. I remember Goenka teaching that the spiritual path is like digging a well. You must consistently dig in one spot in order to reach the water. If you dig shallow holes all over the place you will die of thirst.

      • I had not heard that before, but it makes so much sense!! It’s interesting how we end up back where we started from…a lot…

  3. Thank You Sam, for extending the LOVE THAT IS all through this blog… and for the mention above … laughing as we disappear, Jewel


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