Weeping for Love

Posted on April 25, 2012


From a dialogue with Anandamayi Ma

Question :      How shall we realise God?

Ma :                 Weep for Him and you will find Him.

Question:       I cannot weep at all, tears simply won’t come. What shall I do?

MA: (laughing), Seek the company of those who weep. Keep the company of pure and God-minded persons.

Question:       What is the easiest way to God?

MA:                 Profuse tears.

Question:       And if tears do not come?

Ma: Then you should seek the company of those who shed tears; namely, seek satsang. This is the easiest way to God through love and devotion.

Question :      The other day in Madras you said that if one has no tears to shed in the search for God, one should resort to satsang. I have had satsang for many years and yet I see no appreciable improve­ment in myself.

MA :                 Your being here now and your asking the questions – are tears. By tears is meant perseverance in the search with devotion. How can you say that you have not bene­fited by those years of satsang? But for them, you might not have reached even so far.

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