How Women Will Save the World (re-blog)

Posted on March 10, 2012


(Re-posted by popular request!)

Q: Why is being a woman so hard?

Exhibit A: The suffering and confusion of women.

A: Everything in this world has its challenges. In our lives, those challenges run very deeply.

Q: What are the particular challenges that women face today?

A: In your society, most women are incredibly confused about the gifts and service they can and would most naturally offer to the world.

This confusion leads to shame and self-hatred, denial of their own feminine depth, and the playing out of the ‘shadow feminine.’

Q: What is the shadow feminine?

A: Every person has both femininity and masculinity with them – although typically one expresses itself most naturally most often. To be healthy and happy, both aspects of ourselves must be at peace within ourselves, between each other, and with their expression in the world.

The shadow feminine arises when the feminine aspect is injured, and acts out of the dark qualities of the masculine in a back-door kind of way. It is a sort of pseudo-masculinity that the shadow feminine exhibits.

Q: What does that look like?

A: It is aggressive, angry, dominating, self-serving, competitive, and violence – although the form of violence can be very subtle. It uses feminine attributes to seek the shadow masculine goals of power and control. It is confusing for women because your society has come to idolize the shadow feminine over and above the feminine’s natural expression.

Women are taught to seek their shadow feminine as protector, as their source of power. It is ironic, because:

In the assertion of the shadow feminine, the true power of the feminine is lost.

Q: I keep thinking “It’s Britney, Bitch” – is that a display of the archetypal shadow feminine?

A: The type of aggressive “man-eater” sexuality portrayed in your popular media are good examples. Sexuality is a beautiful and deep component of the feminine, but its rampant use for manipulation in the entertainment and advertising industries is a misuse of the exquisite seduction of the feminine. It has women feeding into those patterns or dynamics that are actually suppressing the true strength of femininity.

The feminine isn’t naturally competitive or aggressive.

Naturally powerful, there is no need to prove herself, assert herself over others, or hunger for power. She certainly doesn’t exhibit such a back-handed dressed-up manipulative quality. And she doesn’t need to play the same game as the shadow masculine, who competes openly for power and control.

Q: How did this shadow feminine become so prevalent in our society?

A: The feminine spirit has been hurt and has become deeply angry.

This has occurred on many levels and on different scales. The strength of the feminine has been suppressed or denied very forcefully in the last millennia. The last sixty years have seen the angry backlash from women, who have had enough repression and need to seek their strength again. But instead of re-establishing the strength of the feminine, their point was that women have their own inner masculine component that has a necessary place in society.

As I said, the healthy expression of one’s inner masculine and feminine is necessary for peace within ourselves and in the world.

However, the denial of the strength of the feminine principle was reinforced, especially in the beginning of the feminist movement.

By taking up the cause of proving their masculinity, women continued to devalue feminine roles.

Birthing is a powerful example: as women sought freedom from the pain of childbirth, they denied themselves a critical initiation into the strength of the feminine.

Q: Tell me more about the strength of the feminine. What can women offer the world, as women?

A: Glad you asked.

Women are often teased or criticized for being over-emotional, especially around the time of menstruation (a process which is also less than honoured in your society).

But a balanced and healthy attuning to and expression of emotion is one of women’s greatest gifts. It is this through this emotional channel that much of a woman’s ability to support, heal, and inspire is developed and expressed.

The world is largely composed of feminine energy – in the view that matter and energy are feminine, and the principle of organization or consciousness is masculine. The two operate together in every living system we know. As an example, the structure of DNA is derived from the masculine principle, but the chemical mass and related energies of DNA is inherently feminine.

Thus the feminine principle alone is the raw force of nature, and the masculine principle alone is unembodied consciousness. Nothing happens until the two interact. The yin-yang is a beautiful symbol describing how intricately linked the two polarities are; no feminine can be expressed without a ‘dot’ of masculine and vice versa.

So with that background in mind,

What do you get when the masculine principle subverts the feminine?

Q: I think the answer is the devastation of the planet we are seeing today. It happens out of a denial of the value and wisdom of the natural feminine, of Mother Earth.

A: Yes. And the subversion of the masculine by the feminine is equally catastrophic. It is the most lawless expression of the forces of nature, very powerful and wholly destructive. The ‘shadow masculine‘ develops out of fear of this scenario. It is a hyper-vigilance, an over-bearing impulse to control, to keep the feminine principle within very defined boundaries and limitations.

Q: So what do the feminine and masculine look like when they are in balance?

A: Each understands and values their mutual roles in manifestation, and expresses themselves harmoniously.

But dear one, this world is marked with inconsistency. The masculine and feminine forces in the world are usually at odds – it is a tense dance where one manages to dominate the other for a while, until the other is so suppressed that the entire system is compromised, and then the roles reverse.

As long as the feminine and masculine fear each other, there will never be balance.

Each of us is a microcosm of the whole, and what occurs on a planetary scale also occurs within our individual psyches. Our personal healing journey has a holographic effect on the universe.

Q: I’ve heard that before, that peace must be found within before there will be world peace… that kind of thing. What does that mean for us in terms of being women (or men)?

A: It is our responsibility to re-discover the power of both the feminine and masculine principles in their pure injured forms in ourselves, our partners, family members, and in everyone we know.

For women, their focus will be to re-locate the strength of the feminine within themselves. As they find this strength, they will see the valuelessness and inherent weakness of the shadow feminine, and give it up quite naturally with an ease and lightness of spirit.

Men will need to support women in this journey without getting intimidated.

They will need to meet together to re-discover the strength of the aligned masculine in order to overcome their insecurities. Thus:

The best tool for the re-balancing of the masculine and feminine in the world is trusting intimate relationships founded on a commitment to mutual healing.

Q: Do you mean man-woman relationships? Will happy marriages save the world?

A: Not quite. Intentional relationships committed to mutual healing will ‘save the world’ – between any two people. Marriage is a specific form that must be included, as marriage relationships are among the most intimate. Your society tends to define happy marriage as ones where either member adheres to an unspoken contract of roles and behaviours that is satisfactory and therefore unchallenged.

But the happy marriages we will need (and they are out there), are ones where both members commit to and facilitate one another’s healing. A large part of this will be to grow in understanding and embodiment of the masculine and feminine.

I didn’t answer your question fully about the strength of women.

Women have, by their nature, a deeper tuning with the feminine principle of being.

If uninhibited, women very naturally channel a deep wisdom that permeates the physical and energetic world.

It is a very profound and organic wisdom that is inaccessible when we deny our connection to it.

In history, many of the women who were most in tune with this strength and wisdom were hung or burned at the stake. Many were herbalists, midwives, spiritual elders, or other caretakers of traditions that fostered true feminine strength.

Overall, we were taught that sophistication meant suppression of feminine power and trivialization of feminine qualities. We were taught to be ‘lady-like’ – which on its own is a beautiful and refined aspect of the feminine – but without a maintained understanding of our strength, the vulnerability of the feminine became equated with ‘lady-like’ fragility and weakness.

The feminine is not inherently fragile or weak, but it is vulnerable.

This vulnerability is the openness that allows the flow of feminine intuition, wisdom, healing and strength.

Vulnerability is the beautiful gift that the shadow feminine blocks the most from the awareness of women.

It is the vulnerability of women (and the inner feminine of men) that needs to be re-discovered in each of us, and re-established as a valuable and indispensable element of our society.

I ask your readers to contemplate this:

What is vulnerability, if it is neither weak nor fragile? and afterwards: What does it feel like when I allow myself to accept the strength of vulnerability?

And one final thought for this week:

As the feminine heals, the masculine healing will naturally be supported.

The feminine has always inspired and supported the masculine, as the masculine has always given the feminine purpose and direction.

The two really are in love. Very powerfully in love – when we remove the obstacles to this experience.

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