Self-Love is the Ultimate Radical Act

Posted on February 22, 2012


In a time when we are encouraged to define ourselves based on societal norms, discovering and loving ourselves as we are is radical, brave, and world-changing act. Choosing to love ourselves just might be the first step to harmony in the world. What else could possibly lead us in the right direction?
Jennifer writes:
“Current life is full of messages that can make it impossible to feel as though we are doing the right thing:
  • slow down (but not at work or at home);
  • eat well (at your cubicle);
  • limit spending (by responding to our offer for 20% off EVERYTHING);
  • look great at any age (by injecting rubber into your cheeks and lips);
  • step away from your desk (with smartphone in hand);
  • have a baby (and please make sure to look like you never gave birth

…In order to love myself, i first had to truly get to know my SELF. I had to become the expert of me, and understand how it is that i and my body, spirit, and mind work. But in doing this, automatically it meant that i was now in opposition to many in my family who believed they had the full, true picture of me and many friends who were still interested in self-annihilation. All but the wisest of teachers and most practiced physicians, who felt neither challenged nor disrespected by my assertion that i knew me best.”

WTG sistah 😀

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