Holy Mother (a poem)

Posted on February 21, 2012


Peace is a woman, mother to the world,

Whom God has sent to lay a hand

Across a thousand children’s fevered brows.

In its cool certainty there is no fear,

And from her breasts there comes a quietness

For them to lean against and to be still.

She brings a message to their frightened hearts

From Him Who sent her. Listen now to her

Who is your mother in your Father’s Name:

“Do not attend the voices of the world.

Do not attempt to crucify again

My first-born Son, and brother still to you.”

Heaven is in her eyes, because she looked

Upon this Son Who was the first. And now

She looks to you to find him once again.

Do not deny the mother of the world

The only thing she ever wants to see,

For it is all you ever want to find

~Helen Schucman, The Gifts of God

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