Divine Authority – the real deal

Posted on February 10, 2012


Q: What is the spiritual meaning of authority?

A: Authority is a strange thing.

In this world authority is confused with dominance.

It is fought for and requires protection. It can be both given and stolen away, often violently, or eroded away over time. This worldly hierarchical dominance-based authority is not natural.

Q: What?

A: On a fundamental level all person are equal – brothers – on the same level of the family tree. Adults appear to be higher, but only for a time. Their children become dominant – the new wielders of authority – and the cycle continues.

Inherently we’re all equal.

Exhibit A: Worldly hierarchical dominance-based authority

Q: So on one level, maybe you’re talking about a soul level, it’s inappropriate to think of each other as set apart in a hierarchy where some people have ultimate control or say over others.

A: Yes. Within the cyclical nature of the world, it is appropriate to respect the perception of those wiser than you, to listen to teachers, and to uphold goodwill and cooperation in your community. In politics, leaders are chosen to make decision on behalf of all of us. The “authority” rests on the entire (voting) populous, who has delegated decision-making to a select few.

Q: So where do “authority problems” come from?

A: Somewhere inside you know very well that we are all equal. When on person appears to have authority “over you” you may feel the need to object because (1) you know they inherently are no ‘higher’ than you –  and neither are the peolpe who gave that person authority,  or 2) your own disrespect for yourself means you must disrespect the other person by association (they are, after all, your equal).

There are situations (perhaps many) in your life when you may need to apparently “stand up” against an “authority” figure. If this is done for sound reason, with peace in the heart and no strain across your brow, you can be sure that you are behaving appropriately and not out of an “authority problem.”

Q: Okay, so you’ve been saying that our concept of authority is skewed, but what is real authority?

A: The true meaning of authority is akin to “authorship.”

True authority cannot come from the level of peers, but from the level of creator. It feels very different from the authority of the world.

Have you ever been so infatuated with someone that you would do or believe anything they said? It’s a bit like that, except the trust is justified.

Yielding to the ultimate, divine authority is euphoric, incredibly relieving, and absolutely natural. It is the correct order of things.

We cannot give true authority to anyone unless they are our “author,” unless they are one with our source.

Q: Is that what a guru is? Someone who is “one” with our source, therefore a delegate of our “author” and fitting for authority?

A: Yes. That is the meaning of the word ‘guru.’ But nowadays people call themselves ‘guru’ just to say that they are spiritually knowledgeable or an expert (a master) at something. That is fine. They are teachers, to be respected and listened to. If they ask for authority over you, then they do not understand what authority is for.

Q: What is authority for?

A: Joy.

God created you (authored you) as an extension of Himself. Divine authority is nothing but the expansion of this love and light.

(long – blissful – pause)

When you give up your mind, thinking, and actions to God, you are not sacrificing your power – although that is what happens if you try to give authority to a peer in this world. You can only retain and embody your power when you accept the natural order of things:

Authority belongs very simply and naturally, without confusion or doubt, to the author.

How could it be any other way?

You may rebel against the “authority figures” in this dream of a world and succeed only in creating  a tug-of-war between equals. You may rebel agianst your source and true authority, but will only suceed in deluding yourself about who you are, where you come from, and the extent of your purpose and power.

Q: Does giving authority back to God mean praying and asking about everything you do?

A: No, though that will be part of the process for some people. Returning authority to your author means rediscovering who you are.

Once you really understand yourself at the most core level, you will have no doubt about your source and everything will fall into place.

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