Blogging without the Devil

Posted on January 28, 2012


Q: How shall I start?

A: With a question. A question loosens reality as you know it. It allows the possibility of something beyond your awareness. It is an invitation. (Don’t ask what you think you should ask, stick to your most sincere questions).

Q: Is this how I should write this blog? In Q&A format?

A: Yes.

Q: But who is answering my questions?

A: You know that.

Q: Okay… Will I get what I want out of writing this blog?

A: No, and yes. Not all your goals can be reached, because they are in conflict.

Q: You mean my secret goals to become silly rich and famous (mostly kidding – as you probably know – though moderately rich and respected are there for sure) are in conflict with my desire to provide a genuine service to others?

A: You cannot ride two horses, and you cannot serve two masters. Your goals, whatever they may be, are crafted with one of two things in mind: separation or oneness, love or fear.

Are your goals motivated by love or fear?

The ends do not justify the means, as is popularly stated. The means are all that matters here.

Q: So the medium is the message?

A: Not quite. The motivation of the action (or word or thought) determines the true outcome. The details are irrelevant.

Q: You’re saying it doesn’t matter what I say or do – what does matter is whether my thoughts and actions are motivated by fear or love?

A: (wordless affirmation).

Q: Cool.

Is this blog going to become a book one day? I’ve always wanted to write a book.

A: Yes. But not in the way you think right now.

Q: So, will I become rich & famous?

A: Neither. The teachings will become famous – but they are sprouting up everywhere.

Your job is not to spread these teachings, but to learn and apply them yourself.

This is your sole responsibility: work on yourself. The rest is outside your jurisdiction. Or, more accurately, the rest is a reflection of your own inner progress. You can “blog” on that topic later. It is a little ‘mind-bending’ for your first full entry.

Q: Are you gonna help me with SEO and hits and stuff?

A: (laughter) Dear one, you are still missing the point. This blog is for you. If it doesn’t benefit you, it can’t benefit anyone else.

Forget it. Don’t let this distract you. Keep your eyes on the ball, or you’ll miss it. Focus is letting go of everything ‘else.’

(No ouija boards were used in the writing of this blog)

Let go of everything you think about blogging and social media and what they are for.

Q: What if you’re the devil, or lying? I don’t mean to go all exorcist here. I’m trying to let go and trust and follow my intuition. But there’s a part of me that is flashing back to 8 years old with a Ouija board – how we would think we were communicating with spirits and then we’d ask them to spell “Heaven” as a test and then they would just start going through the alphabet (because we believed that the devil can’t spell “Heaven”). It just seems like you never know and even though I’m sure it was one of my friends pushing the finger piece across the Ouija board from letter to letter, I was afraid. I am afraid.

A: I am within you. So is this ‘devil.’ The devil can most correctly be interpreted as the ‘ego.’ It is not so much evil as it is mistaken, and in its erroneous nature seems to be an attack on truth.

There is a very easy way to tell apart the voice of the ego (or devil) from the voice of truth.

….It is the very same distinction that started this discussion: one is motivated by fear, the other by love.
The ego cannot but make a sorry mimic of love, a mask which easily slips to uncover desperation, hatred, anger, and despair. Love is only of God, and therefore of your true nature. Its marks is: peace, security, trust, timelessness, unconditionality, extension, and strength. Love cares not for details. Love transcends the littleness of the world. The ego’s poor substitute for love is really fear. The ego fixates on those same details that love’s eyes behold not. Its substitute for love is obsessive, limited, conditional, and of no lasting value.

It is in the interest of the ego to sabotage your trust in your own judgement. From love’s perspective, it is absurd that you would look upon truth without recognizing truth, and that you could look upon a lie not recognizing its falsehood. And yet the veil of illusion is the ego’s lifeline, for without it you would, without hesitation, choose against fear and be absolved completely of its parasitic reign.

I do not ask you to trust some “me” that is outside you. Rather I ask that you reconsider your doubt in your ability to discern good and evil within yourself.

Please practice discerning your motivations for all thoughts, words, and actions. Love or fear? Truth, or this devil of your own making?

Trust that everyone has this judgement, though few exercise it at this time.

That is enough for now.

Q: Thank you.

A: You are most welcome.

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